Fiddlehead Fairy Gardens

The Fiddlehead Fairy Garden is a market leading designer of miniature fairy garden products. Fiddlehead has been producing fairy garden houses, figurines and accessories for over 10 years and their products are wonderfully detailed with whimsical additions to many items. Most fairy houses have opening doors, and all products are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. With over 200 products in the range, the challenge is which fairy house, figurine or accessory to choose to create your miniature world?

If you're new to fairy gardens, we can help with recommendations and advice. We've been building miniature gardens for many years, including regular displays at Chelsea and Hampton Court Flower Shows, plus we've been involved in the creation of several fairy walks and miniature displays around the country. Give us a ring, or drop us an email- we're happy to help!

Wholesale Fairy Garden Products: We're proud to be the UK and European wholesale distributor of this market leading brand of miniature gardening products. If you're a retailer, and would like information on stocking the range, please use the button at the top right to register as a trade buyer and we will send you further information.

Working out what to purchase when starting a fairy garden can be difficult, so here is a range of starter kits to make life simple! Just add pots and soil/compost.

Fairy Houses are the starting point for any fairy garden. Here you'll find a lovely selection of whimsical fairy houses to suit all sorts of fairies, from converted Gourds and Pumpkins, to Burrows under the hill, and even a roaming Gypsy Caravan! All our miniature fairy houses are designed to be used outdoors and are not affected by frost, although they will fade a little over time. Most have opening doors so you can add accessories inside if you wish, and all are finely detailed. We've several different sizes of fairy house available to suit all gardens, so browse the whole section before deciding!

Wholesale Fairy Garden Products: we're the European distributor for Fiddlehead, one of the largest brands of miniature fairy gardens. If you're a retailer, and you'd like further information, please complete the application form at the top of the website- thank you.

Bring your fairy garden to life with our wonderful fairy figurines- in fact we've all sorts of figurines, not just fairies! We have elves, gnomes, a tame mouse and much more, even some farmyard animals as fairy friends! Our fairy figurines are scaled to suit our houses, but many people use the different sizes to add a sense of perspective to their fairy garden.

Are you a retailer? Would you like to stock our products? We offer wholesale supply of all Fiddlehead fairy garden products- please contact us for further information.

This is where the fun really begins- a huge range of accessories to personalise your fairy garden. From garden ornaments to tools, outdoor structures to materials for construction, we've something for all fairies to help create their world! If you're looking for advice, do call or email, we're happy to help.

Fungi, Leaves, and other woodland themed products to enhance your fairy garden and add some magic! It's the little detail that matters in fairy gardening, so the occasional mushroom makes all the difference....

Fiddlehead offer four Teacup Planters to make tiny fairy gardens in. Each planter is around 12.5cm in diameter and 7cm tall, and all have a drain hole in the base so you can plant real plants in them. They're perfect for Alpines, Succulents or Tillandsia.

Bring your Fairy Garden to life with our colourful natural moss and stone! Give nature a helping hand and add extra colour or texture to your miniature fairy garden with Reindeer moss in a wide range of colours, or weatherproof gravel which is perfect for fairy garden pathways and features.

Micro-Mini fairy garden products are a further step into miniature- a reduced size range which is ideal for planters and small containers. If you're considering a fairy garden for indoor use, these are just what you need as they don't take up much room, leaving you more options for fairy garden design! Because Micro-Mini gardens lend themselves to indoor miniature gardens, they're perfect for those members of society who may not have easy access to outdoor gardens- those living in tower blocks, the elderly, and anyone with a communal space. However, if you're an experienced fairy garden maker and you're looking for a new challenge, this might be right up your street! Micro-Minis are a great way to combine natural materials and plants with imaginative, whimsical products to create something very small yet perfectly formed.

Here's a sneak preview of our latest miniature fairy garden products!

Fairy Gardens, or Miniature Gardens, are miniature worlds created using real plants and either natural or man made objects. Fairy gardens are of course themed around fairies and other mystical creatures, so often there are miniature houses, figurines and accessories used. Miniature gardens rely more on natural products, such as rock, bark, cork, etc, to create a landscape that resembles real life but much, much smaller!

Fairy gardening is a perfect pastime for lots of people- it's not just for children! While of course it's great for encouraging the imagination of a young person, sometimes adults can do with having their imaginations encouraged too... Because many fairy and miniature gardens are in containers, they don't have to be outside, or require much maintenance. This means they're perfect for someone with limited mobility to enjoy indoors, or if you live in a flat with no access to a garden, you can bring nature inside.

Miniature and fairy gardens tend to work best with plants that like shallow soil, or no soil at all. Alpines, Succulents and Tillandsia (air plants) are all commonly used, with small conifers being added for outdoor gardens. A full recommended plant list is available- please contact us if you'd like a copy.

The Fiddlehead Fairy Garden range is designed in the USA and is intended to be used both outdoors and inside. Products are all frost proof, but they will fade a little in direct sunlight. Mostly this is fine, as the fading makes them look older and more lifelike, but you may find the brighter colours fade more, so we recommend these are placed in shady areas. The only other maintenance needed is a little oil occasionally on the door hinges to prevent them rusting.

We've built fairy garden displays at Chelsea Flower Show, Hampton Court Flower Show, the GLEE garden trade show and many more. As the distributor for Fiddlehead Fairy Gardens we're experienced in all aspects of fairy and miniature gardening, so if you have any questions, please call or email.

We've created miniature fairy gardens for many large shows and displays over the years. We're proud to have been part of a Silver medal winning garden at RHS Chelsea Flower Show in 2017 where we planted a shed roof with a full fairy garden using Fiddlehead products. We're regularly asked which plants are most suitable for fairy gardens, so we've put together a list.

A quick note: plants from supermarkets are often not well cared for and have been forced (grown too fast). This means that they're not as healthy as plants from a nursery or plant specialist, so we recommend you purchase your plants from your local, independent specialist who will usually have grown them from seed.

Limonium cosyrense
– Dwarf statice. Evergreen clumps of dark green leaves,with papery lilac statice flowers in summer. Flowers attractive to bees. Suitable for a trough. Prefers well drained soil,in sun. 15cm

Limonium bellidifolium - Dwarf statice. Neat evergreen basal rosetteof dark green leaves, lilac statice flowers in summer. Flowers attractive to bees. Suitable for a trough. Prefers well drained soil, in sun. 20cm

Raoulia hookeri
– A mat forming alpine with silver-grey leaves covered with white silky hairs and pale green flowerheads in summer. Prefers well drained soil in sun and given protection from winter wet. Suitable for a trough 1cm

Sagina subulata glabrata Aurea
– Pearlwort. A clump of needle-thin golden leaves covered in tiny white flowers in May and June .Forms a ground-hugging mat. Sun or dappled shade. 3cm

Thymus Coccineus Major
– Very prostrate thyme,with deepest pink almost red flowers in midsummer. Flowers attractive to bees. Prefers well drained soil, in sun. 2cm

Sempervivum Blood Tip
- Houseleek. Forms a gently spreading carpet of succulent-looking rosettes,with short sturdy stems of flowers in summer. The rosette that has flowered dies,so the younger rosettes surrounding it take over. Needs well drained soil in sun. 4cm

Aethionema Warley Ruber - Pretty rich pink flowers,over glaucous foliage, in late spring and summer. Suitable for a trough. Prefers well drained soil,in sun. 12cm

Parahebe catarractae Porlock – Slightly trailing stems of glossy green leaves with pretty lavender blue flowers and a distinctive eye, from April to June 15cm

Euryops acraeus – Striking silvery-white bush covered in bright yellow daisy flowers in early summer. Suitable for a trough. It needs a sheltered sunny spot in very well drained soil. 30cm

Thymus Pink Ripple – A fairly prostrate thyme,with lemon-scented foliage,and pretty pink flowers. Flowers attractive to bees. !0cm

Hypericum olympicum uniflorum Citrinum – Glaucous leaves, with large pale lemon-yellow flowers,for weeks in summer. Flowers attractive to bees. Forms a nice mound. Sun or dappled shade 30cm.

Armeria juniperifolia – Dwarf thrift. The plant is like a green pincushion,covered in round heads of pink flowers in early spring, and then on and off later on. Flowers attractive to bees. Suitable for a trough. Sun. 7.5cm

Phlox subulata Tamaongalei – Low growing trailing mound. White flowers with pink lines radiating out of each petal,during spring. Prefera well drained soil,in soil,in sun. 7.5cm

Saxifraga Southside seedling -A mat forming plant with showy,arching panicles of white flowers heavily spotted red ,in late spring and early summer. Prefers well drained soil,in sun. 25cm

Saxifrage Cranbourne – Encrusted saxifrage,with large pink flowers in late winter,early spring.Slow growing. Good in tufa,and suitable for a tough .Sun. 10cm

Thymus serpyllum `Minor – Very prostrate thyme with tiny leaves,pink flowers from midsummer. Flowers attractive to bees. Suitable for a trough. Prefers well drained soil, in sun. 2cm

Sempervivum pittonii – Houseleek. Forms a gently spreading carpet of succulent-looking rosettes,with short sturdy stems of flowers in summer. The rosette that has flowered dies,so the younger rosettes surrounding it take over. Suitable for a trough. 4Cm

Picea glauca albertiana Conica - White Spruce. A neat cone-shaped dwarf evergreen conifer with bright green needle-like leaves. Very slow growing.

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