Fairy Garden Information

Fairy Gardens, or Miniature Gardens, are miniature worlds created using real plants and either natural or man made objects. Fairy gardens are of course themed around fairies and other mystical creatures, so often there are miniature houses, figurines and accessories used. Miniature gardens rely more on natural products, such as rock, bark, cork, etc, to create a landscape that resembles real life but much, much smaller!

Fairy gardening is a perfect pastime for lots of people- it's not just for children! While of course it's great for encouraging the imagination of a young person, sometimes adults can do with having their imaginations encouraged too... Because many fairy and miniature gardens are in containers, they don't have to be outside, or require much maintenance. This means they're perfect for someone with limited mobility to enjoy indoors, or if you live in a flat with no access to a garden, you can bring nature inside.

Miniature and fairy gardens tend to work best with plants that like shallow soil, or no soil at all. Alpines, Succulents and Tillandsia (air plants) are all commonly used, with small conifers being added for outdoor gardens. A full recommended plant list is available- please contact us if you'd like a copy.

The Fiddlehead Fairy Garden range is designed in the USA and is intended to be used both outdoors and inside. Products are all frost proof, but they will fade a little in direct sunlight. Mostly this is fine, as the fading makes them look older and more lifelike, but you may find the brighter colours fade more, so we recommend these are placed in shady areas. The only other maintenance needed is a little oil occasionally on the door hinges to prevent them rusting.

We've built fairy garden displays at Chelsea Flower Show, Hampton Court Flower Show, the GLEE garden trade show and many more. As the distributor for Fiddlehead Fairy Gardens we're experienced in all aspects of fairy and miniature gardening, so if you have any questions, please call or email.

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