Worry Dolls, Etc

Personitas is a family run business based in Colombia, South America. All Personitas products are made by hand by one family, and profits from the purchase of these products goes directly back into the local community in Colombia. Personitas create variations on South American stories and legends. For example, the Worry Doll tradition is widely held in South American countries, especially Colombia and Guatemala. It's said that if you have a worry, you tell it to your Worry Doll at bedtime, and place your Worry Doll in its bag under your pillow. When you go to sleep, your Worry Doll wakes up, and quietly takes your worry away, so that when you awake your worry has disappeared. Personitas Worry Dolls, Fairies and Angels make wonderful keepsakes and perfect presents. They're CE approved for use by children from age 3 upwards. As their UK distributor we offer wholesale worry dolls and other Personitas products to retailers around the UK. If you're interested in becoming a stockist, please call for further information.

In many South American countries, there's a legend. A small child was worried, and her parents couldn't stop her worrying. One night, as she went to bed, she decided to confide in her favourite doll, and just before she went to sleep she told her doll her worry. In the morning, when she woke up, she felt lighter in spirit, and her worry had vanished. Her parents were overjoyed and the story spread through the village, and before long parents were making small dolls for their children to tell their worries to at bedtime. These dolls are now available worldwide, and Personitas have been making their version for over 10 years. Personitas is a business completely run by one family in Colombia, making Worry Dolls and other similar figurines by hand in one village. Wholesale Worry Dolls: We purchase the Personitas range directly from Colombia and supply retailers across the UK and Europe. If you're interested in stocking the range, please complete the form at the top of the home page to register for a trade account.

In Colombia, fairies are mischievous creatures who like nothing better than to play tricks on people. These wishing fairies are produced by one family in Colombia and are a variation on the Worry Doll theme which is so popular. It's said that at bedime, tell your wishes to your Wishing Fairy and place it under your pillow in its bag. While you're asleep, if you've been very good and you're very lucky, sometimes the Wishing Fairy will wake up and grant your wish!

Our Wishing Fairies are made by hand in Colombia by one family. We purchase them directly from the manufacturer so the money we spend on them goes directly into the local economy, and the family receive 100% of the profit from the goods.

Please note that as these products are handmade, some patterns and designs may vary a little from the image shown. If the exact pattern is important, please let us know when you order, and we'll do our best to supply one as close as we can to the image.

It's said in parts of South America that if you hang an angel at the foot of your child's bed, it will watch over your child while asleep, and keep them safe as they grow older. These Personitas angels are hand made by one family in Colombia, South America, and profits from their purchase go back to benefit the local community there. The Angels are a perfect keepsake and are small enough to fit in a bag or pocket, but can also be hung at the end of the bed or as a room decoration.

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